Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris manufacture by Toyota automobile company. Read more to view more detail and video reviews. Please feel free to comments and give rating to help others

The Toyota Yaris brand is used to refer to non-japanese versions of:

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Toyota Yaris S
Sticker Price: $15,545
Dealer cost: $14,655
New Car Blue Book Value: $15,545
Five-year service cost: $2,960
One-year insurance cost: $1,257
Resale value after 3 years: 67% — 5 years: 56%
City: 29 mpg — Highway: 35 mpg

This nimble subcompact boasts high resale values and low ownership costs. With its four-cylinder, 106-horespower engine, the Yaris gets the best fuel economy in a class filled with fuel misers. Safety gets a boost in the 2009 model, too: Antilock brakes, side airbags and side-curtain airbags are now standard.