Toyota Yaris 2009 Detail Specification Video Reviews

The big inside-small outside execution has charm, though the Yaris doesn’t lead its class. Honda’s Fit, admittedly a little larger, can be crammed with more gear, and the materials Toyota renders the interior of the Yaris with aren’t particularly inspiring. On the plus side, there are power windows, locks, and mirrors, air conditioning, and the audio system has an auxiliary input, as well as the de rigeur CD slot, though we did miss cruise control. Less pleasing is the collection of slightly-different plastics, each wearing a separate surface texture and variation on black. Some areas of the dashboard and door panels are quick to pick up unsightly scuffs, and the lids of those dash storage compartments felt vulnerable to being snapped off in a fit of overexuberance. None of this proves detrimental in practice, and perhaps only auto writers addicted to sybaritic luxury will care. The interior is very cleverly thought out, with a lot more space and storage than expected, and on-target ergonomics.