Subaru Baja

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The Subaru Baja (pronounced ba-ha) was an light-utility, all-wheel-drive, four passenger, four-door crossover manufactured from 2003-2006 by Subaru. The Baja combined the handling and passenger carrying characteristics of a car with the open-bed versatility, and to a lesser degree, load capacity of a pickup truck.

The unibody design borrowed heavily from existing mechanicals, platform and sheetmetal of the Legacy and Outback wagons [1]. Production began on July 18, 2002[2] as a 2003 model at the Lafayette, Indiana, factory (Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc., aka SIA) once shared with Isuzu.

The Baja’s concept recalls many similar car-based, open-bed vehicles:

The Baja is named after Mexico’s Baja California peninsula — home to the Baja 1000 off-road race.

In a package 6 in (152 mm) longer than an Outback [1], the Baja featured a four-door passenger compartment along with a 41 in (1041 mm) open bed and drop-down tailgate.

A system marketed as the “Switchback” [4] allowed the rear passenger seat to fold down and a small thru-hatch to fold inward, allowing an extended length of 75 inches (1900 mm) to the end of the open tailgate. A light in the instrument cluster signaled an “open” status for the Switchback.

Competing against the larger Chevy Avalanche and Ford Explorer Sport Trac, the Baja received a cool market reception. Limited advertising, late arrival of the turbo-charged model, heavily styled lower-body plastic cladding and a yellow-and-silver introductory color scheme may have discouraged broad appeal. James Healey, writing for USAtoday at the time of the Baja’s introduction called it a “controversial fashion statement with limited utility” [3].

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