Shelby Mustang

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The Shelby Mustang is a high performance variant of the Ford Mustang, built by Ford from 1968 through 1970. The 1965, 1966 and 1967 Shelbys were a series of Ford Mustangs which were specially modified by Carroll Shelby’s company and sold under the name Shelby G.T. [1] [2]. From 1968 the model became the Shelby Cobra GT [3]. The program was factory-sponsored by Ford to compete with the Corvette, also factory-sponsored by Chevrolet, neither of which could be built for the sales price charged. In 2007, following the introduction of the Fifth-generation Ford Mustang the Shelby nameplate was revived for new high performance versions of the Mustang.

The 1966 was differentiated in body color (non-white versions were introduced – colors included blue, red, green and black, as well as the original white) and trim. The “Le Mans” stripes were continued as an option, as in 1965. It featured special quarter-panel windows and rear air scoops on each side and an optional automatic transmission. A fold-down rear seat was now standard as well. Where early 1965 cars had black engine blocks, 1966 and later cars had the 289 engine painted blue.** The first 252 GT-350s for 1966 were “carry-over” cars. They had the 1965 Ford Mustang Bodies and 1965 Ford Mustang serial numbers under their Shelby serial numbers. They had mostly 1965 features including standard Koni shocks and engines painted black. Blue engines did not occur in 1966 until after these 252 “carry-over” models were produced. 1966 production was 1373 fastbacks including 2 prototypes and 4 drag cars and 252 “carry-over” models with Ford Mustang 1965 bodies. 1001 Hertz fastbacks were produced including 2 prototypes. 4 convertibles were also produced for a total of 2378 units for 1966. The original colors of the GT500(GT350???) were metallic grey with some twin black racing stripes.

Shelby struck a deal with the Hertz Corporation to produce a special line of GT350s for rent which were subsequently sold to the public after their rental-car lives were finished. These ‘GT350H’ cars are quite rare and sought-after today, with some examples selling for more than $120,000. Shelby produced 1000 of these cars: 800 in Raven Black, and 50 each in Candy Apple Red, Wimbledon White, Sapphire Blue and Ivy Green. All Hertz cars featured gold LeMans stripes and rocker panel stripes. Early “Hertz” cars were available with 4 speed manual transmissions until so many cars were returned from rental with burned and broken clutch assemblies that all of the later cars shipped to Hertz were equipped with an automatic transmission.[citation needed] Many were rented to use as production class cars at SCCA events, some were returned with different engines, holes where roll bars had been welded in, and other modifications to legally run on the track.

Production numbers: GT350 – 2,380 units (4 were special order convertibles for Carroll Shelby, the rumor is that 6 were made, but only 4 VINs have been discovered). The brakes were enlarged because of the extra power. New components such as under-hood suspension bracing were used. Staggered rear shocks prevented wheel hop and axle wind-up. Functional air-intake scoops were added to force air to the rear brake pads which aided in keeping them cool. On the factory drag cars, the air scoop on the hood also met all postal regulations for a mailbox[4]. There were only a couple of these models made and now they are collectors’ items.

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