Plymouth Acclaim

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The Plymouth Acclaim is a mid-size sedan produced from the 1989 to 1995 model years. The Acclaim was first introduced by Plymouth as the successor to the discontinued, but similarly-sized extended-K Caravelle[1]. At the same time, many automotive publications identified the Acclaim as the de facto replacement for the somewhat smaller Reliant which continued to sell for a short period. [2][3][4]. The Acclaim was very similar to the Dodge Spirit, as well as the Chrysler LeBaron and the export-market Chrysler Saratoga.

The Acclaim was a version of the Chrysler Corporation’s AA-body 4-door sedan, which was an evolutionary development of Chrysler’s extended K-car platform.

Across the AA-body family of cars, the Acclaim was generally marketed as the low-end to midrange offering, while the Spirit’s advertisements placed it as a midrange or sporty version, and the LeBaron as the more luxurious version. Although no sport-oriented models were offered, Acclaim (including, but not limited to the LX models) offered a great deal of available deluxe equipment not available on Spirit (including chrome accent moldings and vinyl roofs). The Acclaim differed in appearance from the Spirit and LeBaron sedan primarily in styling details (grilles, taillamps, interior and exterior trim). With this said, in its “LX” trim, Acclaim shared more styling cues with Lebaron, than with its Dodge counterpart. Virtually identical cars had been offered under Dodge and Plymouth nameplates for fifteen years by the time the Acclaim arrived, and the LeBaron sedan spread this tendency to the Chrysler brand as the nominally upmarket offering to compete against medium price entries from Buick and Oldsmobile.

With a base price of about $12,000USD for its final year, the Acclaim was an exceptional buy throughout its lifetime as a family car, a fleet car, as well as an upscale economy car. The Acclaim was the most reliable domestic car in 1991, according to J.D. Power, beaten only by the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry. It was also one of the last Plymouths to outsell its Dodge stablemate, and one of the last vehicles to use the four-cylinder engines introduced with the Reliant.

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