Nissan 240SX

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The Nissan 240SX was a car introduced to the North American market by Nissan in 1989. It replaced the 200SX (RWD) in 1989. The 240SX was equipped with a 2.4-litre inline 4 engine, rear wheel drive. (KA24E from 1989–1990 and KA24DE from 1991–1998). Two distinct generations of the 240SX, the S13 (1989-1994) and the S14 (1995-1998), were produced from the Nissan S platform. The 240SX is closely related to other S vehicles: the Japanese-market Silvia and 180SX and the European-market 200SX.

The first generation of the 240SX can be divided into two distinct variants: Zenki (“early period” in Japanese and commonly known as “pignose” to US 240sx enthusiasts) and Chuki (translated to “middle period” in Japanese). Each of these variants came in two distinct body styles: hatchback (base and SE) and coupe (base, SE, and XE). Nissan marketing and documentation almost exclusively used the term “fastback” but some people believe it is not truly a fastback but is a hatchback. Both styles shared the same front bodywork as the Japanese-market Nissan 180SX, which was a hatchback, and featured the sloping front and pop-up headlights. This bodywork distinguishes the coupe model from its Japanese-market counterpart, the Silvia, which featured fixed headlights. Both styles, and all markets, share the same chassis, and with few exceptions, most components and features are identical.

The Zenki (??, lit. preceding period) was sold under model years 1989 through 1990. It was powered by a 140 hp (105 kW) 2.4-litre SOHC KA24E engine with 3 valves per cylinder instead of the 1.8-litre DOHC I4 CA18 (offered in Japan and Europe during these years), with no turbocharged engine available in the United States. Four-wheel disc brakes were standard, with antilock brakes as an option on the SE. Both models were offered with either a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. “Coupes” offered a Head-Up Display showing a digital speedometer as part of the optional Power Convenience Group.

The Chuki (??, lit. middle period) was available from model years 1991 to 1994. This gave the car an overhaul that included mostly minor body modifications and an upgrade to the engine. The Zenki front bumper was replaced by a smoother, more modern-looking bumper, and a new (LE) hatchback trim package was added that included leather interior. The SOHC KA24E was replaced by a new DOHC KA24DE with 4 valves per cylinder that produced 15 more hp, for a total output of 155 hp (116 kW). An optional sports package including a limited slip differential and Nissan’s HICAS four wheel steering was added to the hatchback. In Canada, a VLSD (viscous limited slip differential) was standard on all cars.

In 1992, a convertible body style was added to the lineup. It was exclusive to North America and was partially assembled in Japan, with final assembly taking place in the California facilities of American Specialty Cars (ASC).

For the 1994 model year, the only available car was a Special Edition of the Convertible body style with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

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