Mercury Monterey

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For the Monterey minivan, produced from 2004-2007, see Ford Freestar.

The Mercury Monterey is a full-size near-luxury car introduced by the Mercury division of the Ford Motor Company in 1950. It would later share the same body style with the slightly more upscale Marquis, and the Park Lane and Montclair until the latter two were extinguished after the 1968 model year. The Marquis-Monterey body was, in turn, shared with that of the Ford LTD, Ford Galaxie, and Ford Custom. During its production the car served as the high-end, mid-range, and entry-level fullsize Mercury at various times throughout its run. It was the only Mercury to be in continuous production throughout the 1960s.[1] The Monterey was discontinued after 1974.

In 2004, Mercury resurrected the Monterey nameplate for a minivan, essentially a re-badged Ford Freestar with added features and modified cosmetic details.

The Monterey was introduced in 1950 as a high-end two-door hardtop in the same vein as the Ford Crestliner. The Mercury line got a styling refresh for 1952, and added a convertible and four-door sedan to the Monterey lineup. A station wagon bowed for 1953. 1954 saw the introduction of the new 186 hp (139 kW) overhead valve Y-block V8.

For 1955 the car lost it’s status as Mercury’s top model, replaced by the Montclair. The same year, it gained the 292 cu in (4.8 L) Y-block from the Thunderbird, producing 188 hp (140 kW) with the standard transmission or 198 with the Merc-O-Matic.[2]

1956 brought another new engine, the 235 hp (175 kW) 312.[2]

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