Mercury Grand Marquis

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The Mercury Grand Marquis is a full-size rear-wheel drive sedan sold by the Mercury division of the Ford Motor Company. It is essentially Mercury’s version of the Ford Crown Victoria with which it shares its Panther platform along with the Lincoln Town Car. All three vehicles are presently manufactured at the St. Thomas Assembly Plant in Canada though a plant in St. Louis, Missouri was also used until 1985. Since its introduction, the Grand Marquis has only been available with V8 engines, and remains one of the last “traditional” American full-size cars, with features including 6-passenger bench seating.

The Grand Marquis went into production in 1983 as a separate model (previously being a trim level for the Mercury Marquis from 1975 until 1982), and is currently in its third generation, having also been facedlifted many times along the way. It also spawned a short-lived performance variant in 2003 and 2004 that bore the historic nameplate Mercury Marauder.

The Mercury Marquis was introduced as a trim package on the 1967 Mercury Monterey. The Marquis name gradually replaced Monterey. The Grand Marquis trim line was introduced in 1975 as a step up from the base Marquis and Marquis Brougham. The Grand Marquis became a model in its own right in 1983 when Mercury’s mid-size offering was renamed Marquis. Since then, there have been three generations of the Grand Marquis, with a major redesign in 1992 (the Mercury Colony Park wagon was not redesigned but discontinued), a refresh in 1998, and a major revamping of the front suspension and steering system in 2003.

The Panther platform Grand Marquis was introduced in 1983, when the base Marquis and Marquis Brougham nameplates were moved to the mid-sized Fox platform. The Grand model remained on the Panther platform and became Mercury’s flagship sedan. The only change the Grand Marquis had from the previous models was Central Fuel Injection replacing the two-barrel carburetor, new taillights, and a new grille. The 302 in³ Windsor V8 was the only engine, coupled with the four-speed AOD automatic. The new Grand Marquis sold well, and remained virtually unchanged until 1986, when it received sequential electronic fuel injection.

In 1988, the exterior received a facelift to freshen the styling. This facelift included a new front clip with a rounded grille and badging shared with the rest of the Mercury lineup. The familiar cross-and-wreath emblems were replaced by Mercury’s new “flying M”. The 2-door coupe was dropped due to slow sales; Grand Marquis coupes are hard to find today. In 1990, a driver’s side airbag was added to compliment the redesigned dashboard and enlarged head restraints. These were the only changes the Grand Marquis received, as Mercury was preparing a new Grand Marquis for 1992.[1]

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