Jeep Commander

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The Jeep Commander (XK) is a mid-sized SUV introduced in 2006. It was first introduced at the 2005 New York Auto Show. It is the 7-passenger counterpart of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has much more boxy styling, with an upright windshield and squared-off sides. The roof is stepped for the second and third-row seats (which are mounted higher than the first-row seats), but is disguised, as on the GMC Envoy XL, by a roof rack. It also features three moonroofs called “Command View”.

Jeep is the fourth company to produce a vehicle called the Commander, after the Studebaker Commander, the Scammell Commander, and the Norton Commander motorcycle.

Supposedly, the Jeep Wagoneer was the Commander’s initial inspiration; this may be evident as its exterior resembles the styling. The Commander also closely resembles the discontinued Jeep Cherokee (XJ). Although its design is very square-like, the Commander’s basic platform is based on the third generation Grand Cherokee.

The Commander offers a base V6 engine with two optional V8s including the new Hemi:

In Europe and certain other markets like Chile, South Africa, and South Korea, the Commander offers a V6 Diesel engine developed by DaimlerChrysler with BlueTec technology:

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