Isuzu Ascender

The Isuzu Ascender manufacture by Isuzu automobile company. Read more to view more detail and video reviews. Please feel free to comments and give rating to help others

The Isuzu Ascender is a mid-size/full-size SUV from Isuzu. Introduced for 2003, the 7-passenger Ascender is a re-badged GMC Envoy. It replaced the Japanese built mid-size Isuzu Trooper. A shorter 5-passenger model was made available for the 2005 model year as a replacement for the Rodeo and the Axiom. A Displacement on Demand V8 was used for 2005. Isuzu once offered a wide line of trucks, cars and SUVs but the Ascender was Isuzu’s last and only passenger vehicle until the introduction of the also slow-selling Isuzu i-Series pickup trucks, also built by GM in North America. The Ascender was never sold in Canada as Isuzu has announced its withdrawal there at the time.

The Ascender is the only one of the six mid-size SUVs that is not actually a GM branded product (Isuzu was partially owned by GM until spring 2006). The 7-passenger Ascender was dropped after the 2006 model year, and the V8 is no longer offered. Reviews warn of a thin dealer network for warranty repairs, and the Kelley Blue Book projects a relatively low resale value similar to the Trailblazer. However, Isuzu offers a seven-year/75,000-mile powertrain warranty, and substantial factory incentives.

The Ascender ended production on June 6, 2008 as part of Isuzu’s withdrawal from the United States market.[1] Based on the related Chevrolet TrailBlazer replaced by the Traverse, the Traverse is also considered as the Ascender’s successor.


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