Infiniti QX4

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The Infiniti QX4 and the Nissan Terrano Regulus are mid-size sport utility vehicles (SUVs) introduced in 1997 as a rebadged Nissan Pathfinders. It was released a year after Acura’s introduction of the SLX and Lexus’s larger LX 450. The QX4 was Infiniti’s first entry into the SUV market segment.

In the North American market, it was marketed as the “Infiniti QX4” while in Japan it was sold as the “Nissan Terrano Regulus”. Major differences between these vehicles and the Pathfinder include a more advanced four wheel drive system, a more upscale interior, and unique styling. Although marketed as a luxury vehicle, it is capable off-road service due to its low-range four wheel drive system and 8.3 inches (211 mm) of ground clearance.

The QX4 received its first major update in 2001, with a new engine increasing its power from a relatively weak 168 horsepower (125 kW) to a comparative 240 hp (179 kW) V6 engine. The displacement went from 3.3 L to 3.5 L. The timing belt was replaced with a timing chain, and the more reliable ignition distributor was replaced with a problematic individual coil ignition system.[citation needed]

This 2001 facelift also gave the QX4 an updated exterior and interior body style, including features such as a new dash with integrated clock, 17-inch (423 mm) alloy wheels and xenon HID headlamps. In Japan, the Terrano Regulus shortened its name to Terrano and was restyled like the Pathfinder instead. Also, a rear-wheel drive model was added.

The QX4 was discontinued in 2003, and its position in price would be taken by the G35/M35/M45-based FX35/45 crossover SUV. The last QX4 was manufactured during November 2002.

Infiniti plans to revive the QX name on a new SUV that will go into production within the next couple of years. The full size QX56 will be discontinued soon, and has a planned successor. This new model will be smaller than the QX56, but slightly bigger than the FX. This move will allow the FX to be categorized as a niche vehicle.

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