Chrysler Crossfire

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The Chrysler Crossfire is a rear-wheel drive, sports car marketed by Chrysler as both coupé and roadster and built for Chrysler by Karmann of Germany.

The two-seater arrived in 2001 as a concept car designed by Eric Stoddard[3] with further refinement by Andrew Dyson[4] before production in 2003.

The Crossfire’s fastback roof and broad rear fenders made for a rear end design that prompted automotive journalists to describe the new car’s resemblance to American Motor’s 1965-1967 Marlin. For example, Rob Rothwell wrote …when I first espied the rear lines of the Chrysler Crossfire I was instantly transported back to 1965 and my favorite car of that year, the Rambler Marlin.[5]

The name Crossfire refers to the two character lines that run from front to rear along the body sides — crossing each other midway through the door panel. Conceived during the period of Chrysler’s ownership by Daimler-Benz, the name also refers to the collaboration of the two companies.

The Crossfire shares 59%[citation needed] of its components with other Mercedes models. The chassis is a combination of a modified C-class engine compartment, pre-2003 SLK platform, S-Class rear linkages and new stampings for the side rails and rear.

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