Isuzu Hombre

The Isuzu Hombre manufacture by Isuzu automobile company. Read more to view more detail and video reviews. Please feel free to comments and give rating to help others

The Isuzu Hombre was Isuzu’s pickup introduced in 1996 as a rebadged Chevrolet S-10/GMC Sonoma. It replaced the Indiana-built Isuzu Pick Up. The most important difference between the two is in equipment — while the S-10/Sonoma boasted an extensive array of optional equipment, the Hombre was offered in a small model range with a modest selection of equipment packages. The Spacecab extended cab, V6 engine and four-wheel drive was added from 1997 to 1998. All three vehicles were produced at General Motors’ Shreveport, Louisiana plant.

Hombres were equipped with the Chevrolet S-series 15 x 7 steel rims (with 8 directional vents) – the Hombre rims were painted black (the S10, Sonoma, and Blazer/Jimmy rims were painted silver) since a majority were equipped with hubcaps with the Isuzu logo. Hombres were also available with the S-10’s aluminium rims with Isuzu Center caps. The Hombre Differs from its GM siblings mostly in the Front Sheetmetal, with different lights, grille, Front Bumper and front fenders, which are more flared out. The rear Quarter panels are also different, as they have a slight flare over the wheel well to match the front fenders. – which was shared with the Brazilian-built Chevrolet S10 pickup.

Slow sales caused Isuzu to drop the Hombre after 2000. Isuzu would bail out of the pickup truck business until releasing the i-Series. The Hombre is considered one of the rarest pickups in North America as of 2006.[citation needed]

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