Eagle Summit

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The Eagle Summit was a subcompact car produced by Mitsubishi Motors from 1989 to 1996. It was sold as a captive import by the Jeep-Eagle sales division that was created after Chrysler Corporation purchased American Motors (AMC) in 1987. The Summit was one of the passenger car lines to expand the marketing mix of the Jeep dealer sales and service network in North America.

The Eagle Summit joined the Dodge Colt and Plymouth Colt in Chrysler’s Mitsubishi Mirage clone club starting in 1989, coinciding with the release of the Mirage’s third generation. It lasted through the extent of the Mirage’s fourth generation, which ended in 1996. The somewhat related Eagle Summit Wagon (which was a compact MPV) ran from 1992-1996 and was based on the Mitsubishi RVR.

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